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Comments from my web site:


Hi Bobby. Great to hear you back on the air. The last few Sundays were not the same without you. My brother John and I love your show. It takes us back to the days when the music the dances the cars and the performances were amazing. Listening to the "Sock Hop" every Sunday is a long standing tradition for us.

Raoul, Edwardsville


Duke, We will certainly miss you. When you come on the satellite radio goes off. But not until January 20th! Best wishes, George and Marcia,  Exeter,  PA

We look forward to your program sooooo much every weekend.  Don't forget to let us know in advance when you will be off on vacation so we can prepare for the disappointing weekend.

Slimdog & Dee Dee

"Hello Bobby V. Thank goodness you are back!

I love your show. You play a great selection"

Pattie Stanley,  Scranton

"DUKE,  Welcome back. Keep up the good work"

Glen Dukes

Thank you so much for playing  "At Last" on your show.

Paulette Costa,  Scranton    The Magics

Hi Bobby,  looking forward to hearing you tonight and every Sunday.  Keep up the good work.  

Doo wop friends,

Dee Dee and slimdog.

Great show . I sit on my back patio the through the year on Sunday night

You make 3 hours of the week the most magical...

Joel,  Palm Coast, Florida

WICK is the best Oldies station on line.  And I know because I

tried out over a hundred of them!

Tom Mazanec
Twinsburg,  Ohio

Hey Duke...A great Sock Hop last night,  starting with Baby,  I Love You by the Ronettes, so very special for me...  great hearing 'Dear One',  and the Tra La La by the Majors...Also mentioning about what "Memorial Day"  REALLY MEANS... We've loved listening to you all these years... keep 'em comin' Duke....


All The Best

Paul & Rosemary Mizerak

Great show. Should be on Saturday night on EVERY radio station. Great job, Bobby and crew. Sincerely, Pete from The Time Travel Assassins.

Pete, Scranton,  P.A.

 We’ll miss you a lot, Duke! Reruns of your shows would be better than anything on the radio! Back to satellite radio on Sunday night. We’ll be here when you get back! Best wishes.

George & Marcia,  Exeter,  P.A,

I am originally from Long Island and I live in Pennsylvania now. I have to drive back-and-forth at least once a month to the island and I heard your show the other night for the 1st time and it was extremely awesome! I will be sure to tune in every Sunday night. Thanks for the great tunes

Sarah Duigana,  Danville,  P.A.

We love the music and you make us laugh. We wish you are on more then once. We love the doo hop thank you for that

Sherry Hons,     Bloomsburg,  P.A.

I'm writing because I'm a big fan of the program. My fiancé and I tune in when we can and love that there is still a doo wop/ rock and roll station on the dial. We're both 29 years of age and just got engaged a few weeks ago. I realize there will likely come a day in our age that we won't have something like this anymore so I really appreciate what you do.

Nick,  Scranton, P.A.

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